What is an Ethical Audit?

Ethical Audits are tailor-made programs aimed at assessing a facility's quality systems, workplace environment and capabilities in accordance with standards set by the client and international regulations.

What is the purpose of an Ethical Audit?

Ethical Audits are often the last step in the sourcing process. It usually takes place after screening a group of potential suppliers down to the serious ones. The purpose of an Ethical audit is to:

  • To only engage with ethical companies that can stand the test of time
  • Ensure compliance with global standards and reduce the risk of negligence
  • Demonstrate proper social accountability when bidding for international contracts
  • Demonstrate a sustainable supply chain during a fundraising or an exit
  • Improve brand image and increase consumer loyalty


The international standard followed for Ethical Audits is SA 8000 standards for Quality Management System. Our auditors are certified to perform audits in China.

Inspection Birds's standard Manufacturing Audit is divided into six parts, in which the last part is optional:

  1. Slavery and forced labor
  2. Child labor
  3. Disciplinary practices
  4. Discrimination
  5. Working hours &Wages
  6. Sanitary hygiene and facilities

What is unique with our service?

  • Comprehensive report with images supplied after audit
  • Fixed price - All inclusive
  • Everything online
  • Personal consultant
  • Amazon FBA knowledge
  • We speak English, Norweigan, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian
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