About Us

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Our Vision.

Inspection Bird believes that trust is a pinnacle that needs to be reached for the world to become truly globalized. We believe globalization is a good thing since it allows us to allocate scarce resources more efficiently.

We want to connect the world by weeding out inauthentic suppliers and factories that ignore trade agreements, and international health & safety standards. We believe that our approach will incentivize suppliers to take more responsibility in ensuring that regulatory frameworks are respected.


INSPECTION BIRD is a leading inspection, audit and testing company within the SMB market segment for companies importing goods from China. Our aim is to create a global benchmark for quality and integrity within the manufacturing industry in China. Our core services can be divided into three main categories:


We have more than 300 inspectors in China, certified by industry, ready to inspect your products at any time. The inspectors receive regular training in their field of expertise and in spotting irregular events. The inspection services range from checking products to supervising the loading of a container. With a growing interest for e-commerce and Amazon FBA, this has also become one of our core services.


We have auditors placed in all Chinese regions to ensure speed and efficiency. Our comprehensive range of Audit services, such as checking whether the supplier is a real manufacturer, overseeing the production capacity, how employees are treated, help you to vet your suppliers before integrating them into your supply chain.


We have a global network of world leading lab facilities in China, staffed by industry experts and experienced personnel. Our testing services range from comparing products from different factories, to obtaining product certificates which will enable the products to be imported to countries around the world. The testing aims to check performance, safety and quality against relevant international regulatory standards, together with your own standards