Most of our services are billed based on "man-day". One man-day is the amount of work that one of our certified inspectors can do in one working day. An inspection or an audit, will only require one working day in more than 93% of the cases. We have provided our recommendations below for each service offering as a part of our commitment to have the highest level of transparency, .

Explanation of how man-day is calculated:

The time for each inspector/auditor is counted like this:

Up to 11 hours:        1 man-day

11 up to 16 hours:   1.5 man-days

16 or more hours:    2 man-days

When an inspection/audit requires 2 man-days you can choose between having one inspector/auditor conduct the inspection in 2 days or have 2 inspectors conduct the inspection/audit in one day.

Number of Required Man-Days in a Pre-Shipment Inspection

More than 93% of Pre-Shipment inspections will only require 1 man-day. The exceptions are shipments with more than 50.000 units or for large or complex items.
Examples of large items include, beds, couches and washing machines. Examples of complex items are cell phones, tablets and game consoles. If you believe your shipment is large or complex, please shoot us an email at [email protected] before placing an order. We will then provide our guidance.

Number of Required Man-Days in a Container Loading Inspection

More than 95% of Container Loading inspections will only require 1 man-day. Number of man-days recommended depends on the loading plan of your supplier and the number of containers. We recommend 1 man-day if your supplier loads 2 containers simultaneously in one day. If your supplier loads 4 containers simultaneously in one day, then 2 man-days is recommended.

Number of Required Man-Day in a Factory Audits

More than 99% of Factory Audits will only require 1 man-day. Number of man-days recommended will depend on the size of the factory and the number of employees. Most Chinese factories are small and medium sized. We recommend shooting us an email if your manufacturer is large.

Got more questions about estimating man-days?

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps are always available and ready to answer your questions on [email protected]