Inspect Your Products in China.

Avoid fake suppliers & low quality products.

1 in 4 products fails a pre-shipment inspection in China. Protect your brand and stand out from your competition with high quality products.

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How it Works

In 3 Simple Steps

1. Appointment

After you've booked an inspection, we'll schedule a date for inspection with your supplier.

2. Inspection

We visit your factory to perform a detailed product inspection or factory audit.

3. Reporting

We send you a comprehensive report summarizing our findings and test results.

- We Take Care of Every Last Detail So You
Can Focus on Growing Your Business

What you get with InspectionBird

Professional Help

Our Inspectors are certified by industry and trained in spotting unwanted elements. They all follow Internationally accredited inspection standards.

Network of Inspectors

We have created a network of over 1400 inspectors across Asia, so you don't have to.

Speed and Efficiency

We Guarantee that our inspectors will be at your supplier's site within 48 hours after your order. If not you'll receive a 100% refund.

Amazon FBA Expertise

We know all about Amazon's TOS and prep requirements and follow strict routines to ensure your fba shipments remain compliant.

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Our Services

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Fix your issues while your shipment is still with your manufacturer and avoid costly returns and a negative brand association.

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During Production Inspection

Monitor your supplier and your products during production and avoid last minute surprises.

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Container Loading Inspection

Allow us to inspect your products and seal your container before departure to avoid last minute changes by your supplier.

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Amazon FBA Inspection

Ensure your products meet all of Amazon’s dozens prep standards, and more importantly, your customers’ standards.

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Factory Audit

Vet potential suppliers before integrating them into your supply chain and avoid middlemen

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Ethical Audit

Ensure your suppliers adhere to local and international labor laws and working conditions.

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Lab Testing

Product specification testing (ex. copper Resistance, Audio, Power Supply,fabric resistance and more.)

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Supplier Verification

Make sure that your supplier exists before placing an order.

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Our Inspection Service Benefit


Wait with payment until you know your supplier is real and products meet your requirements. An onsite inspection allows you to verify the products meet international regulations in addition to your own requirements.


Don't leave your customer's product experience up to chance. Be in control of the quality you deliver and ensure maximum customer satisfaction in a world where reviews matter.


No need to travel abroad and spend a fortune. With our service you can manage your inspections and audits remotely. Our inspectors will provide you updates online so you can stay in control from any location.

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Where we inspect

China Taiwan India
Pakistan Vietnam Bangladesh
Myanmar Turkey Malaysia

What we inspect




Garments Electronics Food Packaging
Textile and Fabrics Eyewear Seafood
Footwear Toys and Leisure Beverages
Toys and Leisure Machineries Processed Food
Vehicles Meat and Poultry
Jewlery & Metals

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Frequently asked questions.

Should the Goods be Packed Prior to an Inspection? plus interface icon

Short answer is yes. The products should be packed and ready for shipment. This way we'll be able to ensure that the shipment carton, product packages and the products meets your and international requirements.

AQL is a measure that tells you how many defective components are considered acceptable during random sampling quality inspections. AQL also specifies how many units to inspect based on the number of units ordered in order to ensure that the inspector gets a realisitc view of the production end result.

How many days required depends on the size of the shipment, the product's complexity and the size of the product. That being said more than 93% of all shipments only require 1 day of inspection(That is one man-day). You can read more about man-days and required inspection time by clicking here.

As a 3rd party inspection company it would be a conflict of interest to recommend a factory on one side, and then inspect that same factory. This would be equivalent to your supplier acting as the inspector of their own facilities. Although we know many inspection companies follow this practice, it is important for us to remain a neutral party to maintain our business integrity.

Yes we can. Check out our sister company at, a search engine for international transport.

Still have questions? Full FAQ

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Our Prices

Pre-shipment Inspection

From 180-299 USD/man-day**

Ensure your products meets all your requirements before departure.

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Container Loading Inspection

From 180-299 USD/man-day**

Ensure your products meets all your requirements before departure.

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Supplier Verification

From 180-299 USD/man-day**

Ensure your products meets all your requirements before departure.

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Estimate Price

** Depends on volume ordered yearly, order size and country of inspection.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

We are huge supporters of global trade and the opportunities it brings to people from all walks of society. A partnership with inspection bird will therefore feel familiar as we love working with people that share our passion for international trade.

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