Secure Your Purchase

Wait with payment until you know your supplier is real and products meet your requirements. An onsite inspection allows you to verify the products meet international regulations in addition to your own requirements.

Protect Your Brand

Don't leave your customer's product experience up to chance. Be in control of the quality you deliver and ensure maximum customer satisfaction in a world where reviews matter.

Manage Everything Remotely

No need to travel abroad and spend a fortune. With our service you can manage your inspections and audits remotely. Our inspectors will provide you updates online so you can stay in control from any location.

How it Works

We take care of each step so you can rest at ease

1. Appointment

After you've booked an inspection, we schedule a date for inspection with your supplier.

2. Inspection

We visit your factory to perform a detailed product inspection or factory audit.

3. Reporting

We send you a comprehensive report summarizing our findings and test results.

Get A Free Sample Inspection Report

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Our Services

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Fix your issues while your shipment is still with your manufacturer and avoid costly returns and a negative brand association.

Container Loading Inspection

Allow us to inspect your products and seal your container before departure to avoid last minute changes by your supplier.

Amazon FBA Inspection

Ensure your products meet all of Amazon’s dozens prep standards, and more importantly, your customers’ standards.

Manufacturing Audit

Vet potential suppliers before integrating them into your supply chain and avoid middlemen.

Ethical Audit

Ensure your suppliers adhere to local and international labor laws and working conditions.


Product specification testing (ex. copper Resistance, Audio, Power Supply,fabric resistance and more..)

What Our Clients Say

Our Prices

  • Pre-Shipment
  • $299/day

    Ensure your products meets all your requirements before departure.
  • Book Inspection
  • Container Loading
  • $349/day

    Ensure your products meets all your requirements and allow us to seal your container at the port.
  • Book CLI
  • Factory
  • $299/day

    Ensure the authenticity of your supplier before integrating them into your supply-chain.
  • Book Audit

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

We are huge supporters of global trade and the opportunities it brings to people from all walks of society. A partnership with inspection bird will therefore feel familiar as we love working with people that share our passion for international trade.